God of Miracles

Chris Mcclarney
Capo 3
Verse 1
G Let faith arise, in spite of C in spite of what I see, Lord I believe, Em But help my unbelief, I choose to trust You C No matter what I feel, let faith arise
Verse 2
G Let faith arise C For my champion's not dead, He is alive! Em Oh, and He already knows my every need C Surely He will come and rescue me
Em C G God of miracles come D Em C We need Your supernatural G D love to break through Em C G Nothing's impossible D Em C G D You're the God of miracles
C Em C D
Verse 3
G Let faith arise, C and see the kingdom come, I lift my eyes, oh Em for the battle has been won, My God is faithful, oh C Am7 and every single word He said is true, oh
C G This world is shaking Em D but You cannot be shaken C G My heart is breaking Em D but I'm not broken yet C G Your love is fearless Em D C Help me to be courageous too G Em D Oh there is nothing impossible