Alvin Morada
Jueren Nabua
F#m E D (2x)
A/C# You've given me this brand new day D To serve and follow you A/C# You took my tears and make me smile D You lifted me up A/C# You gave me all the reason Lord D To see things as gift from You Bm F#m D E I'll go out and testify, shout to the world
A A/C# D I will lift Your name on high F#m E D And I'll forever worship You A A/C# And I will serve You D With all of my heart Bm F#m E F#m E D cause You are my God I'll forever be grateful F#m E D
Bm A When trouble comes my way F#m E You were there to stay Bm A D And everything will be alright Bm A Now I know it's true F#m E That this love is You Bm A D And I will live each day and say
F#m E D (2x)