I Offer My Life

1998 - Don Moen
F Bb C Bb
Verse 1
F Bb All that I am, all that I have C Bb F I lay them down before You, O Lord Dm7 Bb All my regrets, all my acclaim Gm F/A Bb C11 The joy and the pain I'm making them Yours.
F Dm Lord, I offer my life to You Gm7 F/A Everything I've been through Bb C11 Use it for Your glory F Dm Lord, I offer my days to You Gm7 F/A Lifting my praise to You Bb C Dm As a pleasing sacrifice Gm7 C11 Bb F Lord, I offer You my life.
Verse 2
F Bb Things in the past, things yet unseen C Bb F Wishes and dreams that are yet to come true Dm7 Bb All of my hopes, all of my plans Gm F/A Bb C11 My heart and my hands are lifted to You. (Refrain)
C#M7 D#/C# Cm7 Fm What can we give that You have not given? C#M7 D#/C# Cm7 Fm and What do we have that is not already Yours? C#M7 D#/C# Cm7 F All we possess are these lives we're living BbM7 Bbm/G# C11 And that's what we give to You, Lord.