I Stand

Mike Serapio
Verse 1
D G D/F# G Be strong in the Lord and in his Mighty Power D G Bm A G For our struggle is not against flesh and Blood D G D/F# G Be firm in the Lord and in his Faithfulness D G Bm A G For in this armor we will overcome
Em D/F# The belt of truth, the shield of faith G The breastplate of righteousness in place Em D/F# The helmet of salvation, the sword of the spirit G A March and proclaim, the Gospel of peace
D Shout to the heavens G Dwell in his presence Bm G A Salvation is in his hands D Rest in his Glory G Claim the Victory Bm G Put on the Armor of God (Fight for the Lord our God) Em A For he is with us, who can stand against us (Intro)