One Desire

E A2
Verse 1
E You gave it all for me A2 My soul desire, my everything E A2 And all I am is devoted to You
Verse 2
E How could I fail to see A2 You are the love that rescued me E A2 And all I am is devoted to you
Pre Chorus
B C#m A2 And oh, how could I not be moved, Lord here with you E B C#m So have Your way in me, Cause Lord there is just one thing A2 That I will seek
E B This is my cry, My one desire C#m A2 Just to be where You are Lord, Now and forever E D Its more than a song, my one desire F#m C#m A2 E Is to be with You, is to be with You, Jesus
E F#m7 E F#m C#m B A2 The one thing, the one thing I ask, is to be with You