Send Me

C G Am F
Verse 1
C G Am F Here I am coming before your throne Your servant Lord, ready to do your will Here I am giving my life to you Your soldier Lord, waiting for your command
C G Am F Send me Lord and I will go to the place you have prepared Send me Lord and I will speak with the power of your word Send me Lord and I will see your awesome love and majesty Lord send me, Lord send me I will go Interlude Am C/B C F
Verse 2
C G Am F I will go wherever you may lead me Your spirit Lord will be my strength and shield I will go through valleys dark and low Your kingdom Lord on earth may come
F G Am Though I fear, what lies beyond the horizon I'll be brave, for you oh Lord are with me There may be, a mountain of oppressions I'll move on, for it is your Love, that overcomes