Take Me Jesus

E Esus C#m
E Esus I give you my promise (you gave me your promise) A A My love will surround you (your love will surround me) E Esus I'll never leave you (you'll never leave me) C#m C#m A In my heart I will keep you (my heart will find rest in you)
Pre Chorus
B Forever bright is the light that gives me life A B Proclaiming your glory in me
E A My heart rejoices with songs of praise C#m B A To my lord, my strength and my shield E A I'm letting go to abandon in awe C#m B A Of your promise of love and salvation (back to My heart on 2nd time)
F#m So take me Jesus G#m A For I will trust in you (back to so take on 2nd and 3rd time) B For I will trust in you (repeat all on 1st time)
E A C#m (2nd time E A C#m B back to prechorus on 2nd time..then repeat prechorus again)
E A C#m B A E